Apart from our standard applications, we here at Hiller always strived to explore various process applications where our machines can be used to separate/recover various medias and phases. Since our machines are tailor made for each and every application, this helps us manufacture machines to exactly fit the economic and process requirements of the client. Like our parent organisation, our ability to make custom made Decanter Centrifuges have been extremely beneficial and highly appreciated by our customers in the following Process Application fields.

Soya Lecithin

For this application, our custom made machines are used for extraction of Lecithin form Acetone. Our novel machine in this case employs Nitrogen purging through the casing of the Decanter Centrifuge to create an inert atmosphere inside the machine along with the help of semi gas-tight seals. The cake or moisture free Lecithin from our machine after separation in directly processed in a dryer for either pellitization or for other modes of packing. Lecithin in India is used for applications in animal feed, pharmaceuticals, paints etc.

Salt Slurry Separation

Our specially designed Counter Current machines are used to recover nitrogen, sodium, calcium and sulphur salts from MEE (Multiple Effect Evaporators) to yield dry cake with less than 15-20% moisture. Depending on the corrosiveness of the media, our machines can be tailor made with specific MOCs to cater to the application.

Brine Sludge Separation

This is a highly corrosive application for which our Decanter centrifuges are used for recovery of the salt. To cope with the high levels of corrosiveness in the sludge/slurry, our tailor made machines are retrofitted with a special scroll. This scroll is provided with Tungsten Carbide tiles for protection against corrosion, while all wetted parts, including the rotor are manufactured in Super Duplex Stainless Steel