Decanter Centrifuge or a Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge is a highly versatile machine used for separating different mediums, with applications in key fields such as Water Conservation and Environment Protection, Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Energy Recycling and various Industrial Process Applications. Just as the versatile as the applications are the process requirements that are reflected in our various machine designs.


We have a wide repertoire of measures that we deploy to optimize our machines to the process requirement of the customers. Based on application and sludge/slurry to be separated, we manufacture our machines with various MOC combinations and drive systems. This ensures a "Perfect Fit" scenario, which are application/requirement specific, which in turn acts as an economic tool for our customers to ensure least possible financial implications. Like our parent organisation, our ability to produce tailor made centrifuges have been extremely beneficial and widely appreciated by our customers.

Extending beyond typical requirements we have custom developed machines for special applications such as Brine Sludge Treatment, Soya Lecithin Extraction, Sesame Oil Production to name a few.

  • Reduces Total Disposal Volume by as much as 70-80%
  • Produces stackable cake like separated solids with no free liquid
  • Reduces handling costs
  • Increases options for viable sludge disposal
  • Totally enclosed for odour minimisation
  • Complete automation in operation to reduce operator attention
  • Low maintenance and spares cost
  • Continuous operation
  • Space Saving: Small equipment footprint
  • Repairs and Maintenance at site