Environmental issues such as treatment of waste water, handling raw water and the avoidance of harmful water emissions are becoming even more pressing. Hiller has taken on this challenge and for over 40 years has been developing Decanters for the field of environmental technology. Our Centrifuges are used for many applications in this field, such as, dewatering of sewage municipal sludge, dewatering domestic and hospitality industry sewage sludge and in preparation of potable water.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Our machines are extensively used for dewatering sewage sludge for STPs under municipal bodies, domestic projects, hospitality industry and for industrial setups having their own STP for internal sewage sludge treatment.

Being offered the advantage of our Centrifuges, plants can now regulate the sludge discharge consistency to suit the disposal requirements set forth by immediate environmental considerations and consent limits set by government agencies.

Water Treatment Plants

Essentially, our machines are used in the production process of potable water from raw water, by both Government Municipal bodies and by various Industries, to produce and reuse water. Our machines are primarily used for Pre Raw Water Treatment for Power Plants, sludge from High Rate Solid Contact Clarifiers for treatment of Lime and Alum Sludge.