One of our key process applications which require our specialized tailor made machines. Distilleries are broadly divided based on their raw material source for producing alcohol. Some use grains (such as broken rice, maize etc.), while others use molasses as their raw material. In both types, our machines are used for dewatering Spent Wash from Grain Based Distilleries and Fermented Wash from Molasses Based Distilleries for production of ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol). The separated liquid phase or treated wash is recycled back for Methane Gas Production, while the solid cake is resold as animal feed.

Specialization of our machines for this application completely depends on the raw material source and it's quality. For example, grain based distilleries using broken rice as it's raw material, high amounts of fine sand particles are present. This requires our machines to be fitted with special overhead protection of the scroll/conveyor, using Tungsten Carbide Tiles and Electrodes imported from our parent organisation in Germany. This is done to increase lifetime of the machine, whilst keeping level of separation at optimum.