The market for food and drink is experiencing continued growth. Industry is required to provide a high level of services to be able to meet the wide variety of customer requirements. As a result, suppliers to this industry sector face high requirements in relation to hygiene, efficiency and gentle product processing. Hence we make custom built / tailor made machines for any applications in this industry. Some of our process applications in the Food & Beverage industry include the following .

Sesame Seed De-hulling

Commercial grade sesame seeds, after destining and removal of fines (i.e dust), are soaked in boiling Sodium Hydroxide solutions for removal of husks. The water from washed seeds is dewatered in our machines to reduce water pollution.

Palm Oil Production

Our machines are used for POME sludge separation to recover Palm Oil and as a result, produce a separated solid cake which is further utilized as soil conditioners or as cattle feed.

Meat Industry

Apart from our centrifuges being used extensively in Slaughter House ETPs, they are also used in the process of rendering to separate water, fat and protein components. These protein components (such as blood, bone and meat bits) are use to manufacture commercial by products such as tallow and blood coagulation.

Potato / Starch Industry

From starch dewatering to potato wash water cleaning our Decanter Centrifuges are used to dewater various slurry/sludge types of the Potato Industry.

Our Parent Organisation's Applications also include
  • Fruit / Vegetable Juice and Extracts
  • Olive Oil Production
  • Avocado Oil production
  • Fish Processing
  • Sugar Processing and Extraction
  • Yeast, Beer Yeast and Hops
  • Whey and Milk Products
  • Tea and Coffee Extracts
  • Maize Starch

And many more..