To ensure the ability to reliably cover humanity's growing energy needs for the future, in energy generation the focus is increasingly not only on efficiency but also on sustainability and environmental friendliness, and research is being carried out for future-proof solutions. This means that the entire industry sector is undergoing continuous change, continuously creating new potential applications for such a versatile machine as the decanter. Our decanters in this field relate to the dewatering of various oily sludge and residues, but they also play a key role in the generation of the raw materials and recovery of waste oils.

In the current world scenario, recycling tasks play an enormously important role. This is because due to rising oil prices and increased levels of environmental awareness, the reclaiming of crude, mineral oils and solids have been becoming ever more important for some years now. Furthermore, as we get more conscious about the carbon footprint we leave behind from the use of fossil fuels, biogas production and generation becomes a vital part of our society and it's movement towards a more renewable source of energy. Our machines are used extensively in biogas industries for both process application and recovery.

Tank Cleaning and Slop Oil

Both or 2 phase and 3 phase Decanter Centrifuges are used for Lagoon Sludge/Tank Sludge cleaning for various refineries for Oil Recovery. After separation in our machines the dry cake is further used for bioremediation, while the resultant oily centrate is further processed in our machines to recover Slop Oil.

Biogas Industry

In our country, biogas production is related to the efficient use of waste products that we would have normally disposed off. The raw material in this case ranges from chicken waste, to cow waste and also sugarcane waste. Our machines are primarily used for dewatering digested biogas slurry, where we dewater the slurry post it's treatment in the digester. Post separation in our machines, the liquid phase is further used for bio-methanation process, while the dry cake is used as animal feed.